Online Catering Form

  • All catering orders must be placed by noon, one business day in advance.
    Since we are closed Sundays & Mondays, this means any orders for Tuesday need to be placed by noon on Saturday.
  • We try to accommodate all orders but the volume of catering we handle sometimes makes it impossible to fill last minute orders.
    To be on the safe side, please place your order as early as you can
  • All meals are packaged individually.
  • Many of our catering options have a minimum order requirement.
  • GST is not included in our menu or service prices and will be added where applicable.
  • Please do not consider your order placed until you have received confirmation from us.

Contact & Delivery


  • Please note that the invoice will be emailed the day before the delivery for confirmation, and an original hard copy invoice is left with the delivery itself.


  • Please let us know of any special dietary restrictions applying to your order. We will adjust our menu to your needs as much as we can. However, please be aware that our kitchen is not nut-free and we do use butter in our baking.
  • Make sure to review our current catering menu and note any minimum order requirements before placing your order. Orders of our BBQ Pork Back Rib meals require 2 business days notice.
  • We send bottled juice and pop for our beverages.
  • If you would like a specific drink (ex bottled water), or a different number of beverages than the number of people in the order, please specify below

Catering Information

  • A $20.00 charge is applied for delivery between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to business addresses in the University and Downtown areas.
  • Delivery charges between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to other areas are based upon distance.
  • G.S.T. is not included in our menu or service prices and will be added where applicable.
  • Thank you for your order!

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