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Upper Crust Cafe & Caterers opened its doors for the first time in June 1986. Our aim at the outset was to become a popular neighbourhood cafe where our guests would be offered tasty, eye-pleasing food in a friendly, unpretentious atmosphere.

You might wonder, with this intent, why we chose a name with elitist overtones. It stemmed from the fact that the success of the small home-based catering business we had run for some years relied largely upon our reputation for making great sandwiches. So, we christened our new endeavour "Upper Crust", a tongue-in-cheek homage to the humble sandwich.

Now, 30 years on, we are still in the same Garneau location at the corner of 109th Street and 86th Avenue on Edmonton's south side (and we continue to make great sandwiches!). Some members of our original staff are still with us. Several have come and gone and come again. Others are new to Upper Crust. What has continued without any break is our commitment to making a meal with us a pleasure for you.

At Upper Crust, we believe that the food we serve is only as good as the fresh produce we begin with. For this reason (and because it seems only right to us that we should support our fellow Edmontonians) we purchase from local producers whenever possible.

Our menu offers a choice of vegetarian meals. Because most of our meals are made from scratch, we are able to adapt many of our dishes for those with special dietary needs.


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